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My recently accquired 2001 mgf has been coated or treated at sometime in its life with diamondbrite, possibly from new in 2001,
My question is , will i spoil it if i use my meguiars electric polisher on this previously protected paintwork?, the paintwork is in very good condition , just needs a bit of a spruce up!, if so ,what do you reccomend or advise me to use on it .
I didnt want to rush in with the polisher & spoil things with my new motor thats in excellent order to begin with.
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Post by Badboyrich »

It will be long gone if it was applied in 2001
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^^^^ As above, unless it was applied exactly as per the manufacturers instructions (and very few if any supplying dealers will do much more than wipe it on/wipe it off as they would with any all-in-one polish/wax) and has been regularly topped up with the retreatment solution which should have been supplied to the first owner, there is unlikely to much if any remaining diamondbrite on the car.

Machine polishing with anything with any degree of cut or cleaning action to it will certainly remove any treatment (diamondbrite, wax or glaze) that is already there.

If the paint is in good order, and just in need of a few light swirls removing, I would suggest using a very light cut finishing polish to bring the paint surface back to mainly swirl free and bring out the shine - if there are still imperfections you wish to remove, go over it again, or use a slightly harsher polish/foam pad combination. Then use a good quality wax or glaze to protect it. You could even re-apply Diamondbrite - the kit can be obtained of eBay for a fraction of the what car dealers charge for applying it, and is both relatively easy to apply correctly to freshly polished paintwork, and can give very good long lasting protection and shine when applied as it should be.
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